About Us

Super Safes Beliefs and Goals

Here at Super Safes, one of our staff’s main goals is to assist you in determining how to best secure your firearms as well as any valuables in which you deem irreplaceable. We are absolute in our agreement with and support of your second amendment right, which affords you the right to own guns aka “bear arms”. Though, with great rights comes great responsibility. We believe when and if you’re going to exercise your second amendment right you should also opt to be a responsible citizen by making 100% certain all of your firearms are securely locked away out of a child’s reach. Storing your firearms in a gun safe will greatly reduce the opportunity of a child accessing those firearms. This generous act of responsibility will also guarantee that unsavory thieves and burglars will find it almost impossible to walk away with your guns in the unfortunate event of a home invasion or burglary.

Experience that counts

We have well over 100,000 satisfied customers & clients. Not only does Super Safes offer all types of safes and vaults to the public but we also have a great reputation as a trusted and certified gun safe & gun vault provider to various police departments and fire departments, sportsmen clubs & shooting ranges and the military.

We hope you’ll join us in our mission to help make the U.S. a safer place for all of our children as well as our communities.

Super Safes Manufacturers

Super Safes Co. stocks new safes and used safes, name brand safes and off brand safes, and the latest security products. Every safe, vault and security camera system we sell is vetted in our internal quality control process. If you happen to find a product listed at a lower price on another online retailer’s website, we will do whatever we can to meet or beat our competitor’s advertised price.

We feature a vast selection of competitively-priced gun safes, home safes and fire rated safes from industry leaders, such as, American Security Products (AMSEC Safes), Browning Safes, GunVault, USCAN Safes, Honeywell, Liberty Safe, and Winchester Safes.

Over 98% of our orders are shipped directly from our warehouse in Carrollton, Texas, to your home or business. In doing so, we are able to internally control more of the order process, including, verifying your items are precisely fulfilled, sufficiently packaged, and successfully shipped.

Family Safety Guarantee

Super Safes Co. only utilize employees in your home who have passed through criminal background checks and drug screening. Our employees go through an extensive battery of background checks before being hired, and random drug tests, where permitted by law. If our safe delivery technician smokes or swears in your home or on your property, you don’t pay a penny for the safe delivery service.

Ultimate Protection Guarantee

While working in your home, you can expect our professional gun safes installation and service personnel to protect your home property. We promise that: if we dirty it, we will clean it. If we damage it, we will replace or repair it. And, we only utilize drug-tested and criminally background checked installation and service personnel in your home.

So Why Choose Us?

We Stand Behind Our Work
We are dedicated to giving you the very best service possible. And we will prove it. If you’re not completely satisfied, we will do our best to correct the problem. Fast and free.
We Respect Your Property As If It Were Our Own
To us, safes are like fine art. Nobody loves them more than we do. We pledge to pamper yours and give it the white glove treatment every time.

We Teach You About Your Safe
Yes we’re technical, but we won’t talk over your head. When we work with you, we will walk you through each necessary process so you can do the little things to keep your safe healthy.